IOTA is a new-style pharmaceutical discovery company. Built around the scientific expertise and industrial experience of its Founders, and leveraged by networked resources, IOTA possesses a wealth of discovery knowledge and experience which we place at your disposal.

Two of IOTA's Founders, Dr Paul England and Dr David Bailey have managed large teams of drug discoverers within both major international pharmaceutical companies (Smith-Kline and Pfizer) and successful Californian biotech companies (Aurora and Incyte).

Two other members of the founding team (Dr Susan Boyd and Dr Iwan de Esch), currently participate in drug design and screening projects within European centres of excellence in drug discovery (in Cambridge and Amsterdam), while two more of our Founders, Sunil and Prashant Shah, have established globally-resourced businesses previously.

Much of the R&D behind IOTA has been carried out at the VU University in Amsterdam, who are also Founding Investors.

We are genuinely excited by and committed to drug discovery research, and will provide direct support, advice and encouragement to your discovery scientists. Between us, we will help you avoid many of the common pitfalls in drug discovery (e.g. deciding between alternative biochemical targets, synthetic routes, screening sequences or computational design approaches), to accelerate your projects.

We have created IOTA specifically to serve researchers in the emerging area of fragment-based drug discovery (FBDD). This field, covering as it does both structure-based drug design, high-content drug screening and structure-guided, property-based lead optimization, is one of the most important and exciting areas in drug discovery today.
IOTA Pharmaceuticals Ltd
IOTA Pharmaceuticals is a UK-based limited company, registered at Companies House, Company No. 6279987
St Johns Innovation Centre
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Email: info@iotapharma.com