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About IOTA Pharmaceuticals

IOTA’s UK Design Labs are based in the IT-leading University city of Cambridge.

Built on expertise in the field of large pharma drug design, we offer industry-leading fragment design capabilities.

Led by the IOTA co-founder Dr Susan Boyd, the design team has extensive experience of working on compchem projects with large and small pharma, as well as international biotech companies.

Under confidentiality, IOTA offers to design bespoke fragment libraries addressing individual drug discovery targets. We also offer the service of selecting screening compounds from our own and other suppliers fragment libraries for use in target-specific fragment-screening campaigns.

We currently offer a Diverse Fragment Library containing over 1000 individual fragments optimised for subsequent medchem. We also offer an FBDD “Starter Kit”. The latter provides a range of fragments experimentally validated to hit specific members of gene families of pharmaceutical interest, and can be used to calibrate your own fragment screens.

Through our in-house screening operations, we also offer experimental screening of fragment libraries against specific target proteins, delivering the resulting screening datasets direct to clients as a service (see IOTA Services).

IOTA Fragment Libraries
FBDD Starter Kit “Diverse 1500” Library Phosphodiesterase Library
Protease Library GPCR Library