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  IOTA publishes review with Genentech scientists describing the use of mechanism-informed phenotypic screening (MIPS) in oncology drug discovery
  IOTA Pharmaceuticals in 7.8M consortium tackling neglected parasitic diseases
  IOTA InFarmatik Press Release
  IOTA announces KINOMED, a new partnership to accelerate protein kinase drug discovery Cambridge, UK / Odense, Denmark / Lund, Sweden, February 22, 2011
  New consortium to develop drugs for neglected tropical diseases
  IOTA announces SPR initiative with Beactica AB
  IOTA announces FBDD screening services
  IOTA announces collaboration with Vitas M-laboratory and new FBDD library:IOTA-Vitas 4000
  IOTA Pharmaceuticals established; research centers in the UK, the Netherlands, and India.
  IOTA announces FBDD Initiative with the VU University, Amsterdam
  IOTA announces first FBDD product: IOTA Diverse 1500
IOTA Pharmaceuticals
IOTA Pharmaceuticals has been established to bring you the tools and technologies for fragment-based drug discovery.
Our reagents are available without complex licences.
Our technologies are backed by established teams working daily with them in the laboratory.
Enter the IOTA world of drug discovery here.
IOTA Pharmaceuticals - Fragment-Based Drug Discovery
IOTA has recently released a range of new products and services:
IOTA Diverse 1500   IOTA-Vitas 4000   FBDD Screening Services
  [Press Release]  
Built on expertise in the field of large pharma drug design, and supplemented by access to cost-effective chemistry, state-of-the-art medchem, and tailored fragment screening, we offer industry-leading fragment-based drug discovery capabilities.
IOTA has 4 intercalated discovery teams, focused on fragment design, fragment synthesis, fragment screening, and fragment-based lead discovery.
IOTA’s Design Labs are based in the IT-leading University city of Cambridge, UK. Pharma Drug Design
IOTA’s Synthesis Labs are located in Ahmedabad, in Gujarat, India. Fragment Chemistry Services
Fragment screening & High content drug screeningIOTA’s Screening and Lead Discovery Labs are based in Amsterdam, Holland.
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