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February 22, 2011 Cambridge, UK / Odense, Denmark / Lund, Sweden,

IOTA announces KINOMED, a new partnership to accelerate protein kinase drug discovery

The KINOMED Partnership has been established to provide an integrated package of services for protein kinase inhibitor discovery and development. KINOMED provides a single solution for kinase drug discovery, integrated from the discovery platforms of three European drug discovery companies: IOTA Pharmaceuticals, Kinase Detect and Saromics.

The KINOMED platform provides: kinase production and crystallization; kinase in silico, biochemical and biophysical screening; kinase fragment-based lead discovery; kinase structure- and ligand-based lead optimisation, and kinase medicinal chemistry services, all within a single, state-of-the-art offering. Kinomed is funded by the Eurostars program of the European Union.

“We are excited to be working with IOTA and KinaseDetect in the KINOMED Project. Both companies are led by world-known researchers with impressive track records within the kinase and kinase drug discovery fields,” says Dr. Derek Logan, CSO of SARomics Biostructures.

Prof. Olaf-Georg Issinger, Director of KinaseDetect, comments: “Structure-based drug design in combination with fragment-based lead discovery is a powerful combination in modern drug discovery. We are collaborating with IOTA Pharmaceuticals and SARomics Biostructures in developing the KINOMED platform to provide the pharmaceutical industry with off-the-shelf three-dimensional structures of kinases and their complexes with novel lead compounds. The provision of such an integrated service platform will greatly accelerate the drug discovery process for this important class of drugs.”

Dr. David Bailey, Director and Co-founder of IOTA, states: “Fragment-based lead discovery at IOTA combines identification of fragments with high ligand efficiency with the power of structure-based drug design, rapidly optimising ligand binding and selectivity in drug-like molecules. Within the KINOMED Partnership, we will work with clients to develop these leads into a new generation of kinase therapeutics.”

About IOTA Pharmaceuticals - www.iotapharma.com

IOTA Pharmaceuticals was founded in 2007 to offer services to the pharmaceutical industry in the emerging area of fragment-based drug discovery. Activities completely span the hit finding and lead optimization stages of drug development, and include target analysis, focused fragment library construction, in silico screening, biochemical and biophysical screening, structure- and ligand-based design and medicinal chemistry services.

About KinaseDetect - www.kinasedetect.dk

KinaseDetect was founded in 2001, and since 2002 has offered recombinant protein kinases to major pharmaceutical companies and to academic customers. Kinase assay development is also available as a service to pharmaceutical companies, and several specific projects for different companies have been carried out.

About SARomics Biostructures - www.saromics.com

SARomics Biostructures is the leading Scandinavian provider of structural biology and in silico drug discovery services. The company accelerates its customers’ drug discovery processes by providing contract R&D support in the areas of protein crystallization, X-ray protein structure determination, NMR spectroscopy and computational chemistry. Since its foundation in 2006 the company has successfully carried out a number of projects for companies such as Biovitrum, Active Biotech, LEO Pharma, Inimex Pharmaceuticals and others.

Contacts for further information

To obtain further information about current targets and technologies, or to obtain a specific quotation for new structure-led discovery programs, please contact KINOMED using sales@kinomed.com. For further general information and for the KINOMED corporate presentation, please visit the KINOMED website - www.kinomed.com


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