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23 July 2018

IOTA Pharmaceuticals featured in the Cambridge Independent newspaper

23 May 2018

IOTA Pharmaceuticals announce the creation of a Glioblastoma Drug Bank to support and accelerate new research into brain cancer therapy

22 May 2018

IOTA hosts BBSRC student

01 May 2018

IOTA participates in the design of novel antiparasitic agents

27 April 2018

IOTA scientist publishes on new machine-learning techniques for drug discovery

21 February 2018

IOTA scientist in collaboration with Cambridge University publishes on methods to improve screening

11 December 2017

IOTA scientists review the impact of phenotypic profiling in GBM drug discovery and patient stratification

07 September 2017

IOTA Pharmaceuticals in £1.5M WINDOW Consortium tackling glioblastoma

21 August 2017

IOTA scientists publish ACS Perspective on Fragment-Based Drug Discovery for Phosphodiesterases

14 July 2017

IOTA scientist publishes book chapter on drug targeting for Protein-Protein Interactions

31 January 2017

IOTA @ Fragments 2017

10 October 2016

IOTA will be at the FBLD 2016 in Boston in October 2016

15 June 2016

IOTA scientists publish paper on use of biosensor technology in PDE inhibitor binding characterization

14 April 2016

PDE4NPD Consortium in collaboration with IOTA Pharmaceuticals announces PDE Toolbox for parasite drug discovery and PDE biology

20 January 2015

IOTA publishes paper on the use of fragment based screening to discover novel drug hits for neglected parasitic diseases

18 July 2014

IOTA publishes review with Genentech scientists describing the use of mechanism-informed phenotypic screening (MIPS) in oncology drug discovery

02 April 2014

IOTA Pharmaceuticals in €7.8M consortium tackling neglected parasitic diseases 

14 March 2013

IOTA publishes paper on virtual screening of T. brucei phosphodiesterase inhibitors

25 October 2012

IOTA scientists publish on fragment based drug discovery for T. brucei phosphodiesterases